When it comes to battery power, the 3.7v seems to be an optimal choice today. With the continuous development of electric devices, manufacturers are not coming up with newer requirements that only LiPo batteries can fulfill. This can be anything from a compact size, large capacity, longer discharge, higher safety, and so much more. Based on these requirements, Padre Electronics provides 3.7v batteries in various shapes and sizes for its clients.

Our high voltage batteries are packed with performance even though their size is small. A small LiPo battery today can hold more power compared to a regular battery. Their ability to quickly charge and retain their charge helps them provide a higher output. Numerous industries today rely on the usage of our versatile LiPo batteries and our manufacturing capability allows us to make them in tens of thousands of configurations to meet all kinds of demands.

Since LiPo batteries contain gel polymer or liquid electrolyte, they are protected from leakages or bursts which other batteries may experience when overheated or overused. In terms of discharge rate, 3.7v batteries have a comparatively lower discharge rate and are hence suited for use in equipment that requires a large power output without the battery being too heavy or bulky.

We help you customize your battery configuration, shape, and size

Padre Electronics is China’s leading LiPo battery manufacturer that has a powerful design and manufacturing ability on lithium-polymer batteries. Overall, using our LiPo batteries in product prototypes can improve the performance of the product. These batteries also have a higher density which makes them better performers in the same conditions. Longer battery life with more power is something you will experience when you use a device that is outfitted with a LiPo 3.7v battery.

We also offer custom special shape LiPo batteries that enable manufacturers to build their batteries around their product and not the other way round. The technology behind LiPo batteries has significantly changed with time and we at Padre Electronics have kept up with it. LiPo batteries are being widely used now and we strongly believe that they will be used even more in the future.

Their excellent battery life, ability to pack high power in small sizes, and lesser discharge are what make them so popular today. Lithium Polymer batteries are common in consumer electronics today and every manufacturer is now turning to 3.7v batteries for their products. Portable electronics such as mobile phones, smartwatches, Bluetooth gadgets, laptops, and more are using LiPo batteries because not only are they rechargeable, but also experience a very slow loss of charge when not in use.

In addition to everyday electronics, 3.7v batteries are now also being used in satellites, drones, and other equipment. Their high energy density and low discharge rates are now making them the perfect choice for an expanded number of industries. Recent advances in LiPo batteries have helped enable us to create new designs and more complex battery systems.

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This has resulted in battery packs that are much safer to use, more versatile, flexible, rechargeable, and a lot easier to maintain when compared with other batteries. Manufacturers include these batteries in the products for consumer use because of their added element of safety. The speed at which a lithium polymer battery ages is also very slow.

It is advised to keep them cool and recharge them whenever possible. Those who require custom batteries just need to tell us the width, length, thickness, capacity you want to have, discharge rate, and work temperature, after which we can evaluate and make a complete LiPo battery solution for you. Our quick and professional 24×7 support has now made it easier for everyone to get their hands on their required batteries.