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                                   Who we are?


As an important Asian lithium polymer battery manufacturer and supplier , Padre Electronics Co., Limited is located in China Shenzhen city. In the past 10 years, we served the world market with great quality lithium polymer battery, lithium ion battery cells and packs.Among them,our small lipo battery,ultra thin battery,curved battery,ultra high and minus 40 degrees low temp battery,and high rate battery brought us worldwide reputations as an renowned lithium polymer battery & custom power battery pack manufacturer in China , top 10 rechargeable battery power solution provider in Asia area.

Our lithium polymer battery covers below types:

  • Normal standard type lithium polymer battery
  • -30 ℃ &-40 ℃ low temperature battery and +80 ℃ high temperature battery,
  • Ultra-thin battery 0.5 mm to 1.5 mm
  • Large capacity battery 4000mAh to 50000mAh.
  • Ultra small battery.
  • Ultra-narrow battery 6mm to 12mm,
  • Curved battery,
  • Round battery, crescent-shaped battery.
  • Cylindrical lithium polymer battery,
  • 5C~70C high rate LiPo battery,
  • RC LiPo battery pack,
  • Fast charge battery,
  • 3.8V high voltage battery

Padre Electronics has two lithium battery production factories and a battery research center, in 2019,we build new assembly factory and lithium polymer battery manufacturing facility in Huizhou to catch up with the fast growing demand of different scales of orders for lithium ion battery packs and lithium polymer battery packs, with our 1000 well trained workers, now we have established a monthly output of over 10 million rechargeable lithium polymer batteries.However, our success is not only from quantity but also quality which is based on hard work of our strong lithium battery R&D team. So far, we have over 60 experienced engineers joined us.

Our factory was build with high standard for global high end market strategy.We established strong engineers team and trained professional workers,published and perform strict QC workflow, and imported the latest advanced production lines and equipment from Japan and Korea,we passed international quality management system ISO9001,ISO14001,OHSACH18001 and purchased 1,500,000 USD liability insurance for our battery products.

Widely used by many global important companies in consumer electronics industry, transport industry, telecommunication, military system, power generation industry, energy storage,industrial manufacturing system, Padre lithium polymer battery offers clients perfect experiences with high energy density, reliable and stable safe performance, we are proud of this, our steps of keeping improving will go on and on, looking forward to making more contributions for human green energy industry in coming future.

PD workshop and lithium polymer battery products

PD advanced LiPo Battery manufacturing equipment

Why us

Excellent Safety and reliability.

Thanks to our team’s 20 years of battery experience, advanced equipment and strict quality control management. our batteries can pass all kinds of rigorous and destructive testing carried on by our safety labs and third-party organizations. For the past fourteen years, our Li-Po batteries have been sold to all over the world. So far, there has been no record of safety accidents. They are absolutely reliable batteries.

Higher energy density.

The energy density of regular polymer lithium batteries on the market is generally 265 to 350 WH/L, and we can achieve 650 WH/L. This means that we can make it lighter and smaller with the same capacity. And with the same volume, our battery can have higher capacity. This greatly satisfies the needs of some power hungry applications with extremely limited space.

Stable performance.

Many customers don’t understand the lithium polymer battery. They only pay attention to the capacity. In fact, the stability of battery performance is also very important. Otherwise, the battery may swell, leak, possibly the quick voltage drop, big capacity decay, and shortened working time can happen. This will greatly undermine the user experience and impression of your product. Out of question, this is unacceptable. The reason for this problem is complicated, but the main reason is related to the production environment, materials, QC and battery manufacturing equipment.

a-  Production environment, our lithium polymer battery manufacturing base has a beautiful external environment, and the interior is neat and orderly. In order to control the impact of dust on the performance of the battery, we use a 100,000-nanometer dust-free room system for each workshop. All personnel must wear anti-wear when entering the workshop. Electrostatic clothing, anti-static hats, anti-static shoe covers, workshop personnel should wear electrostatic bracelets, and some people needs to wear gloves as well.

b-   Materials, different from some companies in the market that use recycled materials and secondary materials to produce batteries to achieve the purpose of lowering the price. We use only new materials from large manufacturers of formal channels, and carry out inspections of each batch to ensure the materials. The high standard control upon the raw materials ensures better battery performance.

c-   QC, whether it is for raw materials, semi-finished products in the production process, finished batteries, from material feeding to production finishing, we have multiple levels and multiple steps of strict testing from multiple departments, to eliminate potential risks at the source, make sure all problems are solved within ourselves.

  d- Manufacturing Equipment, we use the industry-leading automated manufacturing equipment from Korean and Japan, which saved us labor costs, improved the production efficiency, and also greatly guaranteed the performance stability of the products.

Long cycle life.

As an important performance indicator of lithium polymer batteries, cycle life directly determines the running time of application devices. It is one of the biggest concern and frequently asked question of clients. The cycle life of the Li-Po battery means the total number of charge and discharge cycles performed @ 0.2 C with 100% DOD (depth of discharging) under room temperature, until the capacity reduced to 80%. Due to the use of a high end lithium cobalt oxide raw material, PD 3.7v lithium polymer battery has excellent cycle life performance, can generally reach up to 500 times or even 800 times. 

Good Consistency.

Our smart automatic manufacturing equipment does good job on achieving high consistency of Li-Polymer battery cells, which provides excellent battery cells for the production of high-performance battery packs. Because the overall performance of the battery pack made of well-consistent batteries will also be more stable. In addition, the expected service life will be longer too.

Flexible support.

Many projects of product development have necessary process: there are always sample test and small batch trial production stage before mass production. We can provide good full-scale support all the way, from initial sample making to small batch production, and finally to massive volume production.

Convenient to customize new lithium polymer battery.

In addition to several hundred sets of molds and Over 3000 existing battery models, we can also develop more new models based on existing molds. We have our own mold workshop to develop new ones at any time, which greatly expanded our new battery development capability. Hence, we can customize lithium polymer batteries of almost any size, so long as it is within the current level of lithium battery manufacturing technology.

One-to-one on-demand assembly.

We can take the battery assembly solutions for your applications, various brands of various types of connectors, various wire diameters and length leads, Protection circuit board, NTC, IC, PVC, cables outlet location, all of these are subject to you, if you have no idea, you can also consult us or let us recommend.

Available certification supports.

If you need, we can apply all kinds of battery certification required for your lithium polymer battery, such as IEC62133, CB, KC, UN38.3, MSDS, REACH, FCC, UL, CE, ROHS and so on.

Timely delivery.

When the lithium polymer battery cell you need is in stock, our delivery time is usually within one week. If there is no stock, the delivery time is usually within two or three weeks. For mass production, the lead time is one month or so. 

Cost effective.

Because the quality of the battery on the market is quite different, so is the price. Our lithium polymer battery is definitely not cheapest. This is determined by the material used in battery manufacturing, the process and battery quality. It makes no sense to compare price with low end battery market. But we are quite sure that among the top high-end lithium polymer battery manufacturers, our battery price is relatively more economical.

Strict battery quality control and testing.

In order to manufacture a lithium polymer battery of high quality and high reliability, our battery quality control is very strict.

A- First, we cover regular tests such as voltage measurements, overcurrent test, short circuit test, charge and discharge, internal resistance test.

B- Secondly, we will also test and record various raw materials in the process, including moisture detection, self-discharge K value test, high and low temperature environmental testing, vacuum testing, etc.

C- Third, we use a dust-free room system to avoid internal short circuit caused by the dust which penetrates the battery separator.

D- Fourth, we will also send batteries to our safety laboratory for safety testing and cycle life testing now and then. The quality of the battery is monitored and guaranteed without any black corner.

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