Curved battery

Bended Lithium polymer battery for smart bands or watches

Curved battery is arcuated lithium polymer battery with a bending shape. Different from normal Lipo battery with flat appearance, this battery is stretching down or up instead of move forward straightly.The arc angle is generally 1 degree to 180 degree to fit design needs of smart wearable devices such as smart watches, smart bands,intellectual bracelets for battery.

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1-What is curved battery.

Curved battery is a bending shape lithium polymer battery with a certain arc angle.Widely used in custom power solution for ring shaped smart wearable devices.

Curved battery specs:

  • Nominal voltage: 3.7 V ( or 3.8V)
  • Charging voltage: 4.2 V 
  • Discharging cut off voltage: 3.0V or 2.75V
  • Charging cut off voltage: 4.2V
  • PCM(protection circuit) Required: Yes.It can also be integrated into PCBA of the device.
  • Capacity: custom
  • Bending angle: 0 Degree~180 Degree.
  • Thickness: 1mm~10mm
  • Width: 8mm~60mm
  • Length: 20mm~80mm
  • Typical application:  Smart watches,smart bracelets,medical devices.

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Question 1: Are you able to customize special custom curved battery for our project?

Answer: Yes. We have our own tooling workshop to make new models, you just need to send us the battery drawing to tell your requirement for the arc angle, internal radium,external bigger radium, thickness, width and length of the battery, and your continuous discharge current, we will then evaluate and back to you with a solution. Once you approve it, we can start to make the new model small battery for you.

Question 2: Can you make high discharge rate type curved battery?

Answer: Yes. You can choose a suitable C rate from a range of 2C,5C,8C,10C,15C,20C,25C,30C,35C,40C according to your device discharge current, then we will adjust some manufacturing raw materials and technology to make it for you.

    Question 3: What kind of Gurranty do you have for your curved battery?

    Answer: We offer one year warranty for our curved battery products, We can take responsibility to replace if the defects are caused by manufacturing after investigation.However, if the problem is caused by incorrect dispatch, wrong operating,abused use, then its beyond our responsibility.

    Question 4: How long is your lead time for the curved battery?

    Answer: For battery samples, If we have the same or similar size battery cells available in stock, then the lead time is generally 4~7 days. If there is no stock, we need to take 2~3 weeks to produce it. 

    For mass production, it takes generally 30 days when there is no stock. If there is enough battery in stock, it takes about 1~2 weeks.

    Question 5: Do you have MOQ for it?

    Answer: If we have stock, you can buy any quantity, but in case that we dont have the same or similar battery you need in stock, we require an MOQ to produce it for mass production. We can also produce samples to support your project if necessary.

    Question 6: Do you offer datasheets/specifications for your curved batteries?

    Answer: Yes. We will confirm with you on the main parameters of the ultra small battery, such as the dimensions, capacity, cables, connectors,discharge current. Then we will offer official battery datasheet for your approval.

    Question 7: Do you assemble your curving battery with PCM?

    Answer: It depends. We will assemble the curving battery with protection circuit, wires and connector if customer require it, If customer can add protection circuit in their PCBA themselves, we then will not add these accessories onto the battery.

    Question 8: Can you apply battery certificates IEC62133 and UN38.3 for us ?

    Answer: Sure. We can apply different kinds of battery certificates for you on your request. The IEC62133, UN38.3,MSDS,CE,ROHS,REACH,UL,KC,CB are available.

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