High voltage LiPo battery 3.8v

3.8V Lithium polymer battery with higher energy density

The main advantage of 3.8v high voltage LiPo battery is the higher capacity compared to the normal 3.7v battery. With the same space, 3.8v battery can have 20%~30% higher capacity, This also means lighter weight and smaller size.

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1-What is 3.8v high voltage LiPo battery.

3.8V high voltage LiPo battery is a different type rechargeable lithium polymer battery which has a higher nominal voltage of 3.8v. Besides, it has also different charging cut off voltage compared to 3.7v battery. Many important mobile phones such as IPhone and Samsung smart phone, are using this kind of battery.

high voltage 3.8v lipo battery

high voltage 3.8v lipo battery


3.8v LiPo battery main technical specs:

  • Nominal voltage: 3.8 V
  • Charging voltage: 4.35 V
  • Discharging cut off voltage: 3.0V or 2.75V
  • Charging cut off voltage: 4.35V
  • PCM(protection circuit) Required: Yes
  • Capacity: custom
  • Dimension: custom
  • Typical application: Smart phones, such as iPhone5,Samsung battery.

2- Advantage of 3.8v lithium polymer battery

As a 3.8v battery, it has not only all advantages of 3.7v lithium polymer battery, but also new better advantages on energy density,operating voltage. For some applications, space is quite limited to save space for more functions and circuits to embedded, it requires the capacity to be as high as possible with a small dimension. In this case, 3.8v LiPo battery solution is always the first option to be considered.

  • Higher voltage
  • Higher energy density and capacity,20%~30% higher than 3.7v LiPo.
  • Smaller size, saves spaces for product design
  • Lighter weight
  • Long cycle life 500 times @ 0.2C 100% DOD.
  • Low self discharge rate less than 3% per month.

3- FAQ about 3.8v high voltage LiPo battery.

Question 1: Can we use 3.8v lithium polymer battery to replace 3.7v LiPo battery?

Answer: No.It’s not recommended. Because 3.8V lithium polymer battery needs to be charged to 4.35V instead of 4.2V, Although 4.2V is enough for 3.7v LiPo battery, but it is not high enough to fully charge a 3.8v lithium battery. It means 20%~30% waste of capacity.

Question 2: How to order 3.8v LiPo battery?

Answer: The process to order our 3.8v high voltage LiPo battery is as below:

  1. Confirm battery voltage,dimentions,capacity,discharge current,operating temperature, application,assembly
  2. We offer you with battery solution with quotes
  3. Confirm datasheets and order
  4. We send you invoice for payment
  5. Start battery manufacturing.
  6. Battery get ready and be delivered to you.
Question 3: What kind of Gurranty do you have for your 3.8v lithium polymer battery?

Answer: We offer one year gurranty for our 3.8v lithium battery products, We can take responsibility to replace if the defects are caused by manufacturing after investigation.However, if the problem is caused by incorrect dispatch, wrong operating,abused use, then its beyond our responsibility.

Question 4: How long is your lead time for 3.8v high voltage LiPo battery?

Answer: For battery samples, If we have the same or compatible LiPo battery cells available in stock, then the lead time is generally 4~7 days. If there is no stock, we need to take 2~3 weeks to produce it. 

For mass production, it takes generally 30 days when there is no stock. If there is enough battery in stock, it takes about 1~2 weeks.

Question 5: Can you produce custom design 3.8v Lithium polymer battery?

Answer: Yes. We can customize 3.8v high voltage of different capacity, capacity and different shapes according to your specified design requirements. After receiving details of your requirements, we will evaluate and get back you with battery solution for your confirmation, if you are not satisfied, we can adjust solutions till you say ok.

Question 6: Do you offer datasheets/specifications for your 3.8v lithium polymer batteries?

Answer: Yes. We will confirm with you on the main parameters of the 3.8v LiPo battery, such as the dimensions, capacity, cables, connectors,discharge current. Then we will offer official battery datasheet for your approval.

Question 7: What's your MOQ for manufacturing the 3.8v LiPo battery?

Answer: If we have it in stock, you can order any quantity. If it’s out of stock, generally speaking you need to order 5k pcs to start production, however, to support your project, before mass production, we can support one or two small quantity production.

Question 8: Can you arrange battery shipment for us ?

Answer: Sure. We can transport our lithium batteries to you through UPS, FEDEX,DHL. You can choose door to door express, airport to airport, seaway. It takes generally 3~4 days to arrive EU customers by UPS, 5~8 days by FEDEX.

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