The NCM lithium polymer battery is a lithium ion battery with muliple materials synthesized by nickel manganese cobalt oxide as a positive electrode material. The NCM lithium battery utilizes lithium nickel oxide, which has lower price and lower performance than lithium cobalt oxygen, and has its own unique value.

First, The three elements of the NCM lithium polymer battery has performances as below:

Nickel has excellent lithium intercalation performance. The layered NCM material has the advantages of high specific capacity, high voltage platform, stable structure, good thermal stability and cycle performance, and is a promising cathode material.

The high capacity of NCM lithium battery is a great advantage, the cycle performance is more than 500 times, and the first reversible capacity charge and discharge interval is greater than 160 mAh/g; this high capacity is also derived from its structural stability.Also, the ternary structure can be effectively Improve the stability of the lattice during charge and discharge, achieve the effect of not reducing the discharge capacity and improving the charge and discharge life characteristics; like the lithium manganate battery and the lithium cobalt oxide battery, the overcharge protection voltage of the ternary lithium battery is 4.2V, The discharge protection voltage is 2.75V.

In addition, the NCM lithium polymer battery can be made into lithium batteries of different capacities according to the shape, the outer casing and the material formulation.

Second, the disadvantage of the NCM lithium battery is reflected in the manufacturing process:

The material in the NCM lithium polymer battery is easy to synthesize, but it is easy to produce lithium-nickel mixed-discharge. Therefore, it is difficult in this process, and if the treatment is not good, the battery performance will be greatly affected.

Technical improvement direction of NCM lithium battery:

1. Low-cobalt NCM lithium battery: further reduce the cobalt content, thereby increasing the price reduction space of the lithium polymer battery. At present, the ternary material with the cobalt content reduced to 15% has been applied;

2. High-nickel NCM lithium battery: increasing the nickel content can increase the gram capacity of the material, and the high-nickel product is an ideal material for the development of large-scale batteries;

3. A NCM lithium battery combined with a lithium titanate negative electrode: The voltage platform of the battery system is about 1.5V lower than graphite and carbon negative electrode, but its low temperature discharge performance is better than lithium iron phosphate, and the cycle performance is better.

Fourth, application and prospects:

The high-capacity and high-safety characteristics of NCM lithium polymer batteries are beyond the reach of other materials. China began to develop NCM materials in 2004, and currently accounts for 10% of lithium-ion polymer batteries, with the expansion of power tools and laptop batteries. The share will increase.

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