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3.7v batteries are commonly used in many devices today

3.7v batteries are commonly used in many devices today

When it comes to battery power, the 3.7v seems to be an optimal choice today. With the continuous development of electric devices, manufacturers are not coming up with newer requirements that only LiPo batteries can fulfill. This can be anything from a compact size,...

Knowledge about NCM lithium polymer battery

The NCM lithium polymer battery is a lithium ion battery with muliple materials synthesized by nickel manganese cobalt oxide as a positive electrode material. The NCM lithium battery utilizes lithium nickel oxide, which has lower price and lower performance than...

1800mAh Lithium polymer battery for cordless dryer

Brief introduction on the battery application. Almost everybody used hair dryer, it is a popular daily tool to dry our hair. We are always disgusted by the limit from the power cable length, which makes us hard to move here and there, we can only stand there to do it...

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