Driving electric vehicles powered by lithium ion battery is difficult in the winter, and even electric vehicles introduced by automakers cannot avoid this challenge. Weather with temperatures below zero is one of these challenges for electric vehicles. According to relevant media reports, in February 2019, the American Automobile Association found that freezing temperatures reduced the car’s cruising range and fuel economy compared to normal temperatures.

Extremely low temperatures cause the battery to slow down during the process of absorbing lithium ions (which occurs when the battery is charging), resulting in lower lithium ion capture rates and reduced battery capacity and cycle efficiency. Tesla even told Model S owners that in cold weather, because the battery is too cold, the energy stored in the car’s battery may not be enough for the owner to drive.

Today, Australian graphite developer Talga Resources has announced that it has produced a lithium ion polymer battery that can achieve 100% capacity and cycle efficiency under freezing conditions (0 ° C).

The mining company’s minerals are located in Sweden, not only for material extraction, but also for producing and testing batteries. The company’s flagship product is Talnode-C, and the product was very successful in the latest tests.

Although the Talnode-C battery will continue to be tested in the short term, the company intends to commercialize the battery in the near future. Due to fierce competition among manufacturers, the price of lithium metal has been falling, but if competitors can’t catch up with the company’s development, such batteries are very likely to exceed the ordinary price level.

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